Dmitri Frolov Director


Sergey Oskolkov Music

Natalya Surkova Key Cast


It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish dreams from reality. What is a dream? Oblivion or flight? A dream is in common with love, which, without a choice, can suddenly take possession of everyone. Love is invisibly present in everything: in the burning of a candle, the trembling of a petal, the whisper of the wind or awe butterfly wings ... Failure to nowhere, fall into eternity, infinity soaring ... A layer of problems and everyday accumulations of worries, suffering, expectations. But suddenly: immersion in oneself, in one’s essence, in one’s original. And separation: dizziness, drop, soaring, immersion in the freshness of dew, moisture, spring ... Finally: enlightenment, purification, clarity of thought, the joy of existence. And then: flight again, merging and dissolving in eternity!