The Rapping

Short experimental film about a man relaxing reading a horror book. Unknown to him, his home is invaded by an invisible entity. Curiously he begins to hear curious sounds.... 


Also, some of the sounds may sound a bit weird to our brave protagonist because they are actually from the NASA InSight Mars lander. 

Gordon Hayes has held a variety of jobs from in the USAF, to being an IT tech writer and administrator. He is now a writer and filmmaker, active in his local PNW indie filmmaking community.


He holds a B.A. in Psychology and studied cinema and screenwriting. at Western Washington University with various seminars along the way. One series with director Stanley Kramer. 

Several of his screenplays have done well on the Blacklist and in contests. Best of which may be THE TEENAGE BODYGUARD. A true crime story he lived through himself against a mafia crime family. When he was 18.