A story caught between imagination and reality, LEA is seven years old and is the loving daughter of three sets of parents: mothers and fathers of different ages, social backgrounds and behaviours.

Director Biography - Dario Gorini

Since 1999 he has worked as a Producer for R.T.I. - Mediaset, a fiction-oriented television company. 

He has written numerous concepts and scripts for television series and films. His curriculum vitae includes experience as a theatre actor in Italy and France, where he lived for seven years. He also worked there as an assistant, and assistant director for filming and advertising. 

For theatre, he wrote "Jamboree - The land of the nomads", performed in Belgium and "Down in Heaven", a project currently under development in Italy. 
"François" (13 minutes), co-directed by Jacopo Zanon, is his debut film as a director. This short film has won several awards in Italy and worldwide. 
His second short project, "Lea" (21 minutes) was completed in early 2013.