The Granny's Apocrypha

"This story was told to me by my grandmother in early childhood. 
Now I know about it much more but still remember those first childhood experiences." 
Saw and imagined in the children's fantasy the story of grandmother of Christ and the Apostles a little girl. 
Today few people remember that just a few decades ago 
in the village houses next to the icons you could still see the popular prints on religious themes. 
They finally disappeared from use only in the 60-ies of the last century. 
Of course, their creators were not professional painters or connoisseurs of theology. 
Drew, as best they could, she felt, not knowing neither rules nor laws. 
Simple uneducated people, nuggets, sought to glorify God with their creativity, that resonates in the hearts of those of peasants or artisans as they are. 
The film is voiced by ancient tunes of Vladimir horn players recorded from gramophone records of the early 20th century.